How in the hell can a parent forget their child in the backseat of a hot car??

I don't know. I have never done it.

But a lot more parents have than ever makes the headlines.

Here in their own words are their confessions.

These are the lucky ones.


E-Pluribus-Unum Silver Spring, MD 7 days ago

Before I had kids, I read these kinds of stories and thought, "What kind of idiot could leave a kid in a car?" Then I had a kid and I learned that, apparently, I'm that kind of idiot because I did it. We were visiting my mom, so it was a change of routine and a different car. I left my three-month-old sleeping in the back while I ran into my mom's house to get something or other. I got distracted, started doing some other things, and soon an hour went by before my mom realized what had happened. My daughter was fine -- it was winter, she was dressed warmly, and she stayed sleeping -- but it shook me to the core. This kind of thing can happen to anyone. Do whatever you must to help remind you to check for your kid back there.


My husband and I were almost these parents - when my daughter was 10.5 months old my husband picked her up from daycare, drove home and went into the house completely forgetting her in the back of the car. I got home about and hour or so later and asked where the baby was. Fortunately for all of us it was a relatively cool day and the car was parked in the shade but I don't think either of us will ever forget that moment of sickening fear as we raced to the car. I normally did the pickup from daycare, she was teething and neither of us was sleeping much and the change in routine plus exhaustion could have been a lethal combination.

Cass says:
June 7, 2013 at 9:13 am
I forgot my first child in the car once.

I was always one of those who said; “How could anyone forget their own child in a car?” She was new. I’d never had a baby before, and I swear, I literally forgot I had this precious child in my backseat. She was sleeping, and I just forgot she was there…not making a sound. Thankfully I was only out of the car for 15 minutes and she was fine…but I cried and cried and felt so guilty about leaving her. I don’t think I’ve really forgiven myself for that. And this is how I feel even though she was/is okay. I can’t imagine how it must feel to actually lose a baby like that…


I agree with you!!! I've almost forgotten my son was in the backseat of my car when he was sleeping. I remember turning to look out my back window and seeing him there and almost jumping because I had forgotten he was there. I was told to leave your brief case in the back seat on the floor below the carseat so when you go to get it, you see the car seat and remember. When you've been driving yourself to work alone for 10-12 years, it's easy to forget you're not alone anymore. And NO, that doesn't mean we're not thinking of our child, it just means we're driving a car and concentrating on not running anyone down.


Moniesha Mrskennon Thomas Well I must admit I have been Omw to work before and was on the interstate before I realized I forgot to drop my baby who was in the backseat, off at daycare he was about 2 months. Does this make me a bad parent?? I think your comments are a bit harsh because some parents didn't get a chance to realize the baby was in the backseat.SMH

Letta Marx Smith When I was working it was my turn to bring breakfast to the morning meeting and I got out of my routine when I picked up breakfast first then I went to work...when I got there I turned around to get food from back seat and my baby was still there. It freaked me out. So I never altered my routine before dropping him off again. If I had to do something out of the ordinary I made sure I did it only after I dropped my baby off.

Elodie says:
November 29, 2013 at 6:06 pm

Yesterday I forgot my baby son in my car. He is fine and safe now. I am still in shock and I don’t know if I’ll ever recover from this incident. I was driving to fetch my 2 years old from daycare and had my 9 month old baby at the back, facing the rear. On the way I thought he was being very silent and hoped he hadn’t fallen asleep because that would have screwed up his sleep routine. I played some music in the car, then I parked thinking of the best way to orient the car to get my other son in his car seat easily. Yesterday was the last day of the daycare before the Christmas holiday. The kids were supposed to have helped cleaning the entire school, we had supplied extra cloth in the morning, I couldn’t wait to think how that had gone. I hopped out of the car, locked it with the remote and made my way in the building. I discovered the class photos which had come out, discussed with the teacher, with another mother, watched my elder play around with his friend… I think 15min must have gone by until I felt a pang in my chest, something was wrong, where was my baby, I jumped, losing my shoes in the process and run like a demented to my car. I saw my baby’s little face covered in tears through the window and I grabbed him as fast as I could. he stopped crying immediately. I ran back in the school in distress, gave him water and wet his head. We live an Malaysia for my husband’s work, it is hot here. I was shaking and crying. I still cannot believe I did that. I cannot trust myself anymore, I feel sick.

What kind of a parent forgets their baby? Me. I’m not a working mom. My kids don’t go to daycare, yet I’ve made this mistake. It DOES happen when there is a change in your normal routine. I have 3 kids under the age of 4 and am used to going every where with all 3 (buckle, buckle, buckle…unbuckle, unbuckle, unbuckle). But one day my parents were visiting and I had to run to the grocery store. I left my 2 toddlers at my house playing with my dad and my mom and I went to the store and I brought the baby. I was busy chatting with my mom on the drive and the baby fell asleep. Since I didn’t have my talkative toddlers with me and I was distracted by my mom, I forgot all about my baby. When we got to the store I got out of the car and started to walk to the store’s entrance when my mom called out “what about the baby?” I was shocked at myself! I can’t believe I forgot her and in the 101 degree Texas heat! Thankfully I had my mom with me that day. I learned my lesson and now put my purse in front of my baby’s carseat.
Muscle memory is an amazing thing. We can place our kids in their carseat and drive familiar routes all without thinking about it. When we break our daily routines, horrible accidents like these can happen. Thank you for this post. I hope it gets a lot of attention


Wendy I too have had this experience when I changed my routine on a Saturday morning and Ross took my 2 and 3 year old and I had my sister with me for the first time since I had Violet. I guess because she used to live here and I had never had Violet when I was with her my brain just switched to a different mode and without the other kids in the car making noises and singing my brain simply skipped over the idea that baby Violet was asleep in the car. My sister was not used to ever having Violet there either. We got to a restuarant, parked the car, commented on how it was already hot and walked in. Katie went straight to the bathroom and when the hostess asked how many and I said 2 and went to the table. When I sat down I realized I was actually 2 and a baby and started running and at the same time my sister came running out of the bathroom yelling where’s Violet? It had been maybe a minute but I was terrified. Thankfully Violet was okay and my good brain was jogged when I sat down without Violet – which never happens! I have reminders on my phone and on my car and still that day made the terrible mistake. I came back to my own tips here and implemented almost all of them! Thank God we both realized.


Such awesome advice. I once started walking into daycare to pick up my oldest and realized the baby was asleep in the car. I mean I barely even walked past my car before I remembered but it scared me to death at the WHAT IF, even I was only going to be in DC for 5 minutes.
I do the purse in the backseat thing and DH and I check on the older guy every morning (he emails me an update on how Big Roo did). Thanks for the reminder and the extra tips!

Facebook comment from Rose Savoie 
July 31, 2012 at 2:43 PM
holy judgemental people on here. It is SOO easy to forget your kid in the car. All it takes is a slight change in routine to throw you off and forget that you have your kid with you. It happened to me once. I was planning to go to my friends house sans kids, but the baby woke up just I was walking out the door, so my husband convinced me to grab her and bring her with me. When I got to my friends house I was still so focued on my kid free trip that I just forget I had actually brought her with me. Thankfully I was only inside her house for about 30 seconds when her kids started asking where the baby was, so I went back and got her, but that is just oe example to show how easy it is to forget

I am one of those "ferocious beast" type mothers you describe, but I can name two incidents where it happened to us too. Once when I was running errands, I had been in the store for five minutes before I realized I'd forgotten the baby. 

Another time, after returning from church, my husband and I unloaded the kids from the car. A half hour later, I realized I wasn't seeing one of the girls. My husband thought she went in with me and I'd put her down for a nap. I thought he had brought her in a couple minutes later with their stuff. She had wandered off and when we called the police, someone had just reported seeing her two blocks down from our home.

Fortunately, all six of our children survived to adulthood - but the point is that even the most diligent parents can have lapses occasionally. If I'd been working rather than just running quick errands that one day, I might have gone longer without noticing the baby was still in the car...

When I was in high school, my mother had to drive me to school a couple times on the way to work. Both times, she was on the freeway on-ramp heading to work before I reminded her that I was still in the car. It was outside her normal routine, so she forgot.

Yes, it is possible for such forgetfulness to strike everyone - even the best parents - at one time or another.

Abby Conley - 8 days ago

Me too Monica. It happened. I firmly believe our brains are not selective in the things that slip our minds. Have you ever gone to the store for milk, and come home without it? I know, I know people will say how much differently that is from forgetting a child. But it does happen. And to good, responsible people. Thankfully, this child is safe and sound. Mine too! I didn't tell anyone I had forgotten my 6 month old in the car for 15min. I was ashamed, embarrassed and scared. Thank God for all the perfect people, who could never forget something so important.

Monica Vasquez from Facebook8 days ago

Heidi I understand completely as I used to say the same thing. However I accidentally did once. A couple years ago. After getting out of the hospital for something that almost killed me. Being completely drained, and going into a depression from being laid off at work. I got my older 2 out of the car (they were able to unbuckle themselves) and my youngest was left in the car. It was for a short 10 minutes inside the house when my oldest asked where baby brother was that I realized my mistake ran out to the car anf held him tight in my arms the rest of the day. Sending me into a worse depression. He was okay but worse could have happened and it would have been my fault. Does that make me an irresponsible bad parent? No! I was going through something and should have made sure I haf people around me to help more when I thought I could handle the weight of the world. I was wrong.

Teresa McWain Roos from Facebook8 days ago

i almost did this once. when my schedule or routine changed i drove to work and did not drop my child off at day care. I then changed lanes and noticed she was still in the back seat!! I was able to turn around and drop her off then. it seems impossible to do but believe me it can happen to anyone when you are preocupied and your mind plays tricks on you (thinking you already dropped the child off). he will feel guilty forever. I still feel bad and I didn't even do it!! just almost did it.
9 days ago

I agree ,the father probably was in a routine and didn't normally drop the baby off, this happened to me one time and forgot to drop the baby off , but I was only a few blocks away before I realized it.....

Lacie says:
Wednesday, 12th June 2013 at 6:57 pm
Tears…I am so sorry for your loss. We were going to an auction one day and was running late. I jumped in the car with my daughter and mother in law. My husband in his truck with his dad and our 3 year old son. We beat them there and got out and started walking around. My husband and his dad got out and starting looking around at a John deer tractor. We met up about 30 minutes later and we were just standing there and Rick asked, where’s aiden? My heart dropped! At first I thought omg u left him at home. But Shawn ran as fast as he could to his truck opened the back seat and there he was asleep and pouring sweat. It was well over 100 degrees that day. He was ok! So hot and sweaty. I still couldn’t believe the simplistic mistake of forgetting our son. It can happen to anyone. We were very fortunate.

​Rachel Lenda says:
Wednesday, 12th June 2013 at 8:25 pm
Praying for you all. My husband has left our baby in the car on a hot day after d
ropping me and the older girls off at a restaurant. When he got there I noticed he did not have the baby. He immediately ran to the car and thankfully she was fine but it made us aware of how easy this can happen.

Joey says:
Friday, 14th February 2014 at 7:08 am
I didnt hear about this when it happened, but I did the same thing when my son was a baby but my neighbour saw him; it could have so easily been the same story. I cannot imagine what you went through and must continue to go through every single day of your life. I Pray that God has given you his grace to move on for the sake of your other children. But I will be praying for your needs regardless of what they may be.

Asteihr March 19, 2014 at 3:06 PM

I can tell you from experience that not all parents who forget a child do it because they are a bad or neglectful parent. My children are my whole world, and I am probably one if the most paranoid parents I know. I freak over the littlest of things, and worry constantly. However, when my boy were 5 and 3, I had my daughter. When she was about 2 months old or so, I took her to the store with me, but I didn't have my boys. Anyway, I got to the store, ran in and grabbed a cart. I realized right away that I didn't have my daughter and ran right back out to get her. All in saying is that before you act like bullies and judge people, you should think about the fact that you are not walking in that persons shoes. For me, I think it was more that I was used to grabbing my boys out of the car when I went anywhere so not having them there was what made it slip my mind. I can guarantee you though, that it is not a lack of love for my child! I'm sure that I will get a nice little bashing from all you bully mom out there, but that ok. Just thought I could shed a little light on the subject and be the only one to admit that I have done it, even if it was only for a split second.

Some parents at reacted the same way.

"I left my youngest daughter in the car once for an hour and a half," confided a parent. "We live in a very hot part of the world. I went to check on her when she had not stirred from her lunchtime nap ... Poor bub was so dehydrated. I have only told my husband, best friend and mother in real life ..."

Dr. Mom: Please, don't forget your child in back seat
By Dr. Melissa Arca
Special to The Bee
Published: Thursday, Jul. 12, 2012 - 12:00 am | Page 1D

Read more here:

I remember last summer hearing of infants and toddlers being forgotten in the back seat as their parent went about their work day. And with deadly results.

I remember wondering, "How exactly does that happen?"

And then … one morning I found myself on the road to work, about to hit the freeway when I realized I still had my daughter in the back seat. I had not dropped her off at preschool yet. She was quiet, looking out the window.

I was on auto pilot, no doubt going through the laundry list of things to do that day. She was 3 at the time, and would have likely piped up and asked why she wasn't going to school.

But what about babies or toddlers, still rear-facing in their car seats, who happen to drift off to sleep during the drive? They're quiet and preverbal. A parent who is distracted, busy or doing something out of the ordinary that day (such as taking the child to day care) may be at great risk of doing just that.

Becky says:
July 11, 2013 at 7:14 pm

Just because you think you are super vigilant and attentive doesn’t mean this can’t happen to you. I’m sure all these parents thought the same thing. I would never do anything intentionally to harm my children, yet one day I was out of my routine and after dropping my oldest at school instead of dropping both at daycare, I headed to work. Thankfully my youngest piped up from the backseat that this was not the way to daycare. I like to think I would have noticed her back there and thankfully I didn’t have to find out.

Elodie says:
November 29, 2013 at 6:06 pm
Yesterday I forgot my baby son in my car.
He is fine and safe now. I am still in shock and I don’t know if I’ll ever recover from this incident. I was driving to fetch my 2 years old from daycare and had my 9 month old baby at the back, facing the rear. On the way I thought he was being very silent and hoped he hadn’t fallen asleep because that would have screwed up his sleep routine. I played some music in the car, then I parked thinking of the best way to orient the car to get my other son in his car seat easily. Yesterday was the last day of the daycare before the Christmas holiday. The kids were supposed to have helped cleaning the entire school, we had supplied extra cloth in the morning, I couldn’t wait to think how that had gone. I hopped out of the car, locked it with the remote and made my way in the building. I discovered the class photos which had come out, discussed with the teacher, with another mother, watched my elder play around with his friend… I think 15min must have gone by until I felt a pang in my chest, something was wrong, where was my baby, I jumped, losing my shoes in the process and run like a demented to my car. I saw my baby’s little face covered in tears through the window and I grabbed him as fast as I could. he stopped crying immediately. I ran back in the school in distress, gave him water and wet his head. We live an Malaysia for my husband’s work, it is hot here. I was shaking and crying. I still cannot believe I did that. I cannot trust myself anymore, I feel sick.

Many months ago, I left to go get ice cream for the family, and my wife asked me to take one of the twins. I put him in the back of the car with a bottle, and (I assume) he almost immediately fell asleep. Never made a sound. By the time I got to the Baskin Robins, I had completely forgotten he was back there. I left him in hot weather in the car with the windows rolled up. I was in the store for about ten minutes, so very thankfully, the kid was not harmed. But when I got back out to the car and realized what had happened, I immediately woke him up and checked for alertness and felt his temperature etc. He seemed fine. I then sat in the front seat and wept for a good, long while.

CL6 days ago
When my daughter was first born, under a month old. I remember dropping off my 5 yr old, my husband, and my dog at the park to play before I went to the grocery store. I got to the store, got out of the car, went inside and about 15 minutes later while looking at yogurt then seeing baby yogurt I realized what I had done. I flew out of the store and ran to my van. It was December 50deg. And she was wrapped up nicely in her blankets. I was traumatized because I always thought "how could anyone forget their child, I'd never!" The only thing I can think of is that having my daughter around was so new for me, and I hadn't taken her really anywhere yet, dropping off everyone else, I guess my brain didn't register she was with me.

When my third child was under two months, I would go to the grocery store late at night. It was my only break from the kids. One night I walked back into the parking lot and heard crying. I thought what kind of parent has their kid out this late? Then I realized the crying was coming from my car. I opened the door and he had cried so hard he had thrown up all over himself. I pulled him out of his carseat and just sat on the curb rocking him for 10 minutes. I live in Florida it was July, if I had forgotten him during the day instead of the night he would have been dead. Being in jail would never compare to the abject misery I would have been in for the rest of my life. I'm sobbing my eyes out just thinking about it.

My daughter was 4 months old, it was early spring, and I had just returned to work. I had a million things running through my mind as I drove her and myself to the store to pick up some things for work. I remember thinking about who I needed to call, what photocopies needed to be made, what meetings I had that week. I made the 5 minute drive to the store, and went inside. I put groceries in the cart. Picked up some office supplies. Walked to the baby aisle. I was about to call my husband and ask him how my daughter was doing, when I it hit me - I had taken my daughter. I left my cart in the middle of the aisle, and ran faster than I have run in my life.
I had been in the store for 23 minutes. When I got to the car, I found her bright red and whimpering, locked in her car seat. While the temperature outside wasn't higher than 65 degrees, the car was at least 90. I quickly pulled her to me, and held her while I bawled for the next hour. I couldn't forgive myself. It took a long time before I was able to. I still feel sick thinking about it. To this day, almost a year later, I still get anxiety every time I leave the car.
I NEVER thought it could happen to me. NEVER.

I remember one day driving to work when my oldest was about six months old. I was nearly to work when he made a noise in the back seat. I had completely forgotten about him and had to turn around and drive 10 minutes to his day care to drop him off.
Later that day, I heard the story of a woman in my state who had left her kid in the car and the child died. Everyone at my office was talking about how she was a terrible mother and horrible person. I sat in white fear at how close I was to doing the same thing.
We get tired. We fuck up.

When our youngest daughter was a couple of weeks old my husband took her to the grocery store. He bought a few things for the cook out we were having with a few friends. I took a shower while he was gone.
When he returned, I was getting ready and he came up to chat for a bit before our company arrived. Then I asked, "Where is Lily?"
The look of horror on his face. He had forgotten her in the car.
It was only a few minutes, but it affected him deeply.

When my youngest was only a few months old I was heading to a well child appointment. I was exhausted as he had colic and did not sleep at all. When I was almost there I realized I had driven the whole way almost on autopilot. My usually loud toddler was home with Daddy and in the quiet I had almost forgotten what I was doing. If I had not been going to an appointment for him I might of forgotten he was there. It was scary.

​after my daughter's ballet class we stopped by a store, got out and went in looking with my daughter when all of the sudden it hit me...I screamed in hysterics running out of the store with my daughter upon realizing I had left my newborn in my car in Texas! As we were leaving the parking lot, the security guard came running out asking me if everything was alright. I smiled and said, "Yes!" never telling him of my horrible mistake. Thankfully we had not been in there but a minute and he was sleeping quietly in his car seat. I cried all the way home with the worst Mommy Guilt shaming myself of what a horrible mom I was. I still to this day cannot believe I did that, but I did

I was so sick, and in such a rush to pick up meds last week, that I almost forgot my baby was sleeping in the back. Thankfully my older daughter was with me and was like, "mom, the baby!" It scared me to death. I never thought I could be something to do that. It only takes one second of not fully paying attention, and that's it.

Chrissy C· Top Commentator

I have almost done the same thing drove to work with my son in the backseat totally forgot to take him to daycare- thank god he started talking. Scary thoush


Crystal S This almost happened to me. My daughter cried constantly, really non-stop, for the first year of her life. Shortly after she was diagnosed with food allergies and we changed her diet she just stopped crying. One of those first days, I was driving to work and my car was so quiet that I totally forgot about her in her rear facing car seat. Thank God, I remembered her when I was halfway across the parking lot. It happens and I'm blessed we didn't have this outcome. My heart is breaking for that poor family.

​The following were all posts to TV stations Facebook (Fox Atlanta, WSB 2, etc) pages after the June 18th, 2014 incident in Georgia:

Yordanos C: I once was in hurry to go to work u completely forgot to drop off my 2 month old at her sitter. I pulled over inside the garage parking at work. I looked back to retrieve my bag. There was my baby smiling at me. Every since that day. I always put my bag in back seat.

Tony E: As a father of 2 I have had a day or two that I had to take the kids to daycare because the wife had to work a early shift. Yes they were asleep and I have driven more the. Half way to work before I look in the mirrors and see them back there and flip the car around. 

The same thing almost happened to me with my nephew. I had a lot on my mind and I was running all over town to make deadlines for my job and I had forgotten to drop my nephew off to the babysitter, (he's a good kid who's very quiet and usually falls asleep in the car). What saved me was that the babysitter called and asked if I was dropping him off that day or not. If not for her, God only knows what could've happened to him.  

Pearl J: I forgot my child in the car once when she was about a month old. I went to the grocery store and was not used to being out with her and left her in the car. Thank God I ran into a class mate's father in the store and he asked me about my girls. I remember thinking at that moment, " wait somebody is supposed to be with me." I ran to the car and she was red and sweating profusely already within about 10 minutes. She is 19 and the sweetest daughter anyone could ask for. I am tearful just thinking of what would have happened if he had not asked about the girls that day.

Hugh Snyder: I have forgotten my baby was in the car. My baby usually rode the daycare van, and I drop my older kids off to school. Well that morning the daycare van was broke down and I was rushing. I dropped the kids off to school and went to work just like I do everyday. Thank God I forgot to change my shoes and had to go back to the car. I was in a rush and it wasn't my routine to drop the baby off. I almost had a nervous breakdown, I couldn't even work that day because I was so shaken. He was only in there for a few minutes but, I was so upset with myself for rushing and thinking about not being late for work and left my baby in the car. I have never done that again. If my morning went hectic I called and told them I may be late. I said all that to say, "sometimes" it happens by accident

I have forgot to drop my daughter off at school because she usually takes the bus. We were running late and sure enough when I pulled up at my job she got out with me. She was in the 3rd row and I didnt even realize it . I asked her why she didnt tell me she was back there and she said she was sleeping... had that of been my baby at the time she would of died because it was hot as hell that day and i never go back to the car. So yes it sometimes happens! Glad your baby was ok June 2, 2015

Helena Benefield Garansi. Thank you I was thinking the same thing......when my child was several months old I came dangerously close to doing the same thing. Husband was deployed and recieved a call down in the middle of the night that a soldier was killed but they could not tell is who....after crying it took me until an hour before i had to get up to sleep...I felt half asleep driving to work..woke up in the morning late for work got everything together and drove straight there...she fell asleep and had it not been for the grace of God and a coworker pulling up next to me and asking if they could see the baby, I conceivably could have forgotten. After that I always left my bag and my cellphone in the back seat. You never know what someone is facing and all the facts should come out before people jump to judge. This woman will.have to live with that dexiscion the rest of her life.

Pam Muschara. I am a retired school teacher. Several times I went past baby sitters house and had to go back to drop my son off and one time I made it all the way to school. Lucky for me I realized whatever I had done and took my son back to sitters. This school teacher had her mind on school and her students- I was putting them before myself and my child (which I should not haven done) I was stressed and overwhelmed with way too much to do- as most teachers are. This was a tragic accident! I will pray that God will give her strength to get through this and maybe one day she will be able to forgive herself. Prayers for her and her family-

Vanessa Bolen Hoagland: Yes this is awful but I don't think she would leave her child in the car on purpose really. .before I had my 3 I was watching my cousin baby got a mile down the rd n passed my cousin, I was like I forgot bout the baby being asleep in the crib cause she like where is the baby....I was scared. .I was like what if I was a mother would I forget bout my child but I raised my 20,18 girls now my 16yr old son..lesson learned
Like • 2 hrs June 2, 2015

Lee Morrell: I have left my child in the car. I am not proud of it but it does happen. My daughter was an infant and sleeping in the back seat . I left the car on and went to knock on my friends door, hoping that she would come to the door and we would leave right away. Instead I walked in because my friend wasn't ready. I sat on her sofa and started talking. I got distracted and forgot about my child. Luckily, I left my car running and it didn't take me but 3-4 minutes to realize it. But it does happen. We, as mothers, need to let this mother and family grieve without our nasty comments to make their situation worse. We need to get over ourselves and work together to prevent tragedies like these instead of blaming and condemning one onother.

Sarah Hill:  My heart breaks for this family. Prayers with them all. Before I had a nanny, I would drop my 2 kids off at school, then take the baby to daycare. But a few times I had so much on my mind I passed the daycare and continued off to work. I was tired from little sleep I guess. I made it to the parking lot and when I got my purse from the back, my baby was smiling at me. I think if I hadn't put my purse in the back, I might have forgotten. My kids are my world, and I know I am not perfect. But mothers need to put their purses in the back, and fathers their wallets or phones. We get distracted and I would never want this to happen.

My_Thoughts_Today • an hour ago
Several years ago a fellow manager and I pulled into our work parking lot at the same time. As I was walking past her car she was getting out and she suddenly screamed in panic. Her 15 month old baby was still in the car fast asleep in the back seat.

This manager is highly intelligent. She has a very stressful job as well as following a very vigorous daily routine of getting the baby ready and dropping him off at the baby sitter. This particular day we had an early meeting scheduled and she was deep in thought about her presentation. I can vouch for the fact that jobs are very demanding these days and can throw a normally responsible person off balance.

Thank God, that the woman I am talking about noticed her baby in the car or it could have resulted in a very tragic ending. She was shaken up for days on end.

Because I have seen this happen with my own eyes, I now realize that sadly such a tragedy can happen so there needs to be checks and balances to make sure one does not break the routine. My heart goes out to this mother and the great loss in her life. She will never get over it.

WFLA Facebook 9/10/16

Jason Scott Downey-Morris I almost did once. From that moment on, I realized it could happen to anyone. I wasnt supposed to have her that day, and i stopped at Kmart she was asleep. I got half way to the door before I remembered, so dont think it cant happen, it does.
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​Dawn M Smith I think it is so sad all of the judgement being posted. 16 years ago i was out shopping my daughter was about 1. I was arguing with her dad. We got out of the car went into store came back out about 15 min later and she was still asleep. We lived up north and it was winter. When i started to unlock my door and saw her I lost it. I cried called my grandma told her how awful of a parent i was. My point is i was distracted. I wasnt focussed. I was lucky she was ok. We dont know what happened and in a perfect world there would be no excuse for this. I pray for this man and his family. I can't even imagine the guilt he feels. This family will never be the same.
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I am the grandmother to 4 boys, the mother of two adult children. Take it from a very lucky person, it can happen. I drove to work one morning, my daughter was 2, I drove past the sitters house, thinking and organizing everything I needed to do in my mind when I reached the office. By the time I arrived my daughter was asleep. I got out and walked to the door, I forgot something in my car so I turned around and went back and who was starring at me? A little blue eyed 2 year old that I had totally forgot to drop at the sitters. This is how I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it can happen, I was just lucky that day. 9/22/16

 I felt the same way a lot of you did, until it happened to a mother I know. You don't know me, but I assure you the person I know was a great mother, educated hard worker (lawyer) and was (and still is) absolutely devistated after this happened to her kid. She dropped off 2 kids at 2 different places and went to work. Just "zoned out" and didn't drop off her asleep infant at a 3rd place. Didn't discover until she went to pick up her infant later in the day and they said she did not drop the infant off that morning. Just tragic and terribly sad. I wish daycares would call parents at a certain time or send a text if a regular child does not show up one day.

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